Welcome at this site about the Soppe family.

First of all: this is primarily a Dutch site, so not all pages have translations. But I’ll try to keep up!

The Soppe family trees:

  1. Harm Hindrik Soppe from Osnabrück (Germany), moved to the Netherlands
  2. Gerardus Soppe from Deurningen/Weerselo (Netherlands)
  3. Hendrik Jacobs Soppe (Dikke) from Meppel (Netherlands)
  4. Ludgerus Soppe from Altschermbeck (Germany)
  5. Harman Soppe from the Kingdom Hannover, who emigrated to Iowa (US)
  6. Gerhard Henrich Soppe from Ramsdorf (Germany), also moved to Iowa (US)
  7. The Estonian Soppe-family, of Hans Soppe
  8. Johan en Elske Soppen from Borken (Germany), and Hendrikus Soppe also from that region,
  9. Christophorus Soppe from Bohemia

I have data on all these families, at this moment there are over 1850 individuals in my database with the familyname Soppe or Soppen. And every answer always spawns a lot of new questions!