Oldest Soppe’s

Earliest mentionings

The earliest mentioning of the familyname Soppe found so far, is of Jhon and Annys Soppe from England.The records that I found show that they both died September 2, 1536 in Monkston, Hampshire. This is now the civil parish of Kents Hill, Monkston and Brinklow in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, which is in the South East Region of England. In the sixteenth century there are several Soppe’s in England, but so far there is not much of a pattern found.

The Soppe family from Bohemia starts with Christophorus Soppe, born 1594 in Dubá (current day: Czech republic). We currently have 57 descendants of Christophorus Soppe in our database, thanks to Alois Soppe from Prague who was kind enough to share his research with us.

And the first Soppe in the Hessen branch of the family is Martin Soppe, who was born in 1598. Martin lived in Allendorf an der Werra (Bad Sooden-Allendorf). Martin is possibly a brother of a Johannes Soppe, who was born 1607 also in Allendorf an der Werra.

A nobleman Jerolim Soppe was born round 1600 in Zadar, at the time in the Venetian Republic, now in Croatia. Jerolim is from an old Zadar’s noble family, mentioned in the 12th century. Strong landowners in the 14th century, but losing their properties in the 2nd half of the 15th century under Venetian government; contributing in publical, cultural and clerical life of Zadar until the early 19th cent.
The figure of Zadar nobleman Jerolim Soppe (around 1600 – 1669) was illuminated on the basis of archival data as well as his very rich painting collection (94) which consisted of portraits (16), sacral (28) and secular paintings (33). Among the sacral paintings, there were three Byzantine icons.

The first mentioning of our familyname in Westphalia is Elisabetha Soppen, who married Henricus Aelten on May 22, 1614 in Borken. Elisabetha was widowed to Bernardi Pasgens, and that’s about all I know about her. In 1617, also in Borken, Anna Soppen was born, daughter to Johan and Elske Soppen; and in 1619 Anna’s brother Arnoldus was born.

In the Netherlands the earliest mentioning of our familyname is at the burial of Anna Soppen, August 1, 1636. She was buried in the Zuiderkerk (southern church) in Amsterdam.

Burial of Anna Soppen, Aug. 1, 1636

Burial of Anna Soppen, Aug. 1, 1636

Soppes of high age

Sr. Antonita OSFThe oldest living Soppe and the oldest Soppe ever is Sr. Antonita OSF from Iowa, USA. She was born March 28, 1914 and is at this moment well over 103 years old. Sr. Antonita was born Modesta Elisabeth to Anton Soppe and Caroline Lehmann. She resides with her sisters of St. Francis in Dubuque, Iowa. Her ancestry goes back to Johann Gerhard Soppe and Anna Maria Elisabeth Vierhues from Ramsdorf, whose son Gerhard Henrich in 1873 emigrated to the United States.

Fennigje MeijerinkThe oldest Dutch person in my genealogical database is Fennigje Meijerink, the oldest sister of my grandma Johanna Meijerink. She passed on August 3 1990, almost 103 years old. Fennigje had been married to Theodorus Sewüster, but she had been a widow since his death in 1931.

1920_Hermanus_Soppe_(1898-2000)Hermanus (Mans) Soppe was the oldest Soppe with Dutch nationality ever, he died February 22, 2000 101 years old. Mans was 11th of 13 children of Jan Hendrik Soppe and Harmina Blaauwgeers (my granddad Willem was an older brother of Mans). Mans was married since 1923 to Aleida Catharina Reinink, she passed in 1987, after a marriage of 63 years.