Linking Dutch and Iowa Soppe’s – part 1

For a long time we have not been able to find ancestors of Harm Hendrik Soppe, who came to Coevorden in the Netherlands in say 1813. Thanks to the continuous search by my second cousin Herman Assen, we now know that Harm Hendrik was a son of Geerts Hindrik Soppe and Maria Geertruid Höveler, and that he was born in a small town of Döllinghausen, in the region of Osnabrück, Germany.

This discovery led to a series of new relations in family-trees that were separated before. It turns out that Geerts and Maria had a family of five children, two sons and three daughters. Most of these were already in our database, but unrelated to one another. The complete family of Geerts and Maria is as follows:

  • Theodorus Adolphus Soppe;
  • Maria Alijda Soppe
  • Alida Catharina Soppe, born ca. 1773
  • Maria Catharina Soppe, born 1776
  • Harm Hendrik Soppe, born ca. 1780

Today I spent some time over the maps of the Osnabrück region, finding out that Döllinghausen is no more than about 9 kilometers, about 6 miles from Fürstenau, the residence of Johann Hermann Soppe and Catharine Calker. After Catharine’s death Johann Hermann Soppe emigrated to the United States, to land in Iowa. Two sons were already there. Johann Hermann was registered as Harman Soppe when he arrived in New Orleans on November 17, 1859.

It is fair to assume that Harman Soppe is related to Harm Hendrik, and hopefully we will find evidence for that one day. But we are a step closer to relate (at least part of) the Iowa Soppe’s to the Soppe’s from the Netherlands!

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